About us

Flora Fusion aims to 'Educate, Supply and Support' the public on a universally important topic: CBD Oil.  We develop and supply some of the best quality organic Cannabidiol (CBD) products available from our ethical and sustainable sources. Our combined vision is to support the well-being goals of our customers and educate the wider public through our mission:

Who we are

We have been producing and supplying CBD Oil in Scotland since it became legal in 2016. We do so as sustainably and ethically as is possible.

Our CBD oil is UKAS tested in the UK and quality controlled to meet the high UK Government standards. We believe ours are among the best products you can buy.

You can do so directly from us online or shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland.

We support the community around us by giving 10% of our net profit directly into areas of need.

If our family of retailers is growing, as is our list of wholesalers. We would love to hear from you if you would like to join us.

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