About Flora Fusion

About Flora-Fusion

We at Flora-Fusion are a small company in Leven, Scotland with big ambitions. We sell premium CBD oils from Europe, the USA and CBD oil produced right here in the UK. After years of hard work and much deliberation, we have put together a collection of the best CBD products we can find. We are privileged to be in the minority of Companies with premium Quality CBD oil for sale in Scotland and we like to think big about ways we can give back to the community of Scotland. CBD oil in Scotland, for us, isn't simply a business model; it is a project of passion. Flora-Fusion is all about selling products we use, love and have absolute faith in. We would never consider allowing our customers to use nothing but the best CBD Oils UK wide. Looking for CBD oil for sale around Scotland? We have you covered.

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Our Mission

Our mission to our customers; our families; and our friends is simple: "We aim to change the way people think about healthcare and through ethical business practices to contribute back to the societies in which we operate."

Our approach is simple- We aspire to:

1. Educate our customers on the use and benefits of our products.

2. Supply safe and quality assured natural products (which meet our sustainability criteria.) 

3. Support through excellent customer service and friendly collaboration with partnered health care providers.

Simply put, we are just 'people helping people'. We get a kick out of that. 

What Flora-Fusion Means To Us and Our Community.

Through these supply channels and the inevitable revenue that is generated, we will donate 10% of all net profits to social contributions and specifically relief for any under-funded services that we as communities rely on. In the future, we hope to fuse people together again in this ever digitalising world in which we live. Through our 'Fusion People' social enterprise poised to launch in late 2018, we hope to bring innovative social support to those in desperate need. Thank-you for visiting us and your support is what keeps us going so please get in touch if you have any queries or questions on any of our products or CBD in Scotland.

Our Sustainability promise

 Flora Fusion is dedicated to continually improving its environmental impact.  Whether it's expanding our Hybrid fleet to become 100% electric or supporting our amazing facilities on the waters of the forth (Powered by solar and wind energy) we all hope to help our business thrive under ethical transparency and support of the renewables industry. The world is a fragile eco-system and businesses throughout the world (more than any other organisms on this planet) need to understand that the most. Help us not only help people but help the environment by providing feedback on how we can improve our services.

Come and Find us at the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre. We can show you our amazing office with views across the water to Edinburgh.

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Flora-Fusion HQ.

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We have a great range of CBD Oil products sourced from the UK, EU and the USA. We at Flora Fusion are proud to be able to offer premium quality CBD. Are you looking for the best CBD, Scotland? Look no further. We are so convinced of the quality of our products because we use and benefit from them ourselves. Now the Flora-Fusion word is out- the CBD Oil Scotland marketplace will never be the same again!

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Our CBD Blog is where you can find out about us, our products, the services we provide and most importantly it is here that we can share our knowledge with you. Click here to read what we have to say!