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Flora Fusion take part in Artistic  event in London

On the 18th of August (18:08:18) we will be attending an event called 50:50 by artistic to talk about all things Cannabinoids. 50:50 is half art exhibition, half exhibitor/workshop space. This is an important event for us because artistic is a charitable non-profit organisation which supports the talents of young artists, some of which have been diagnosed with Autism. Our MD Steve will be discussing the role of the Endocannabinoid System and how it could be used to help make the lives of those affected by autism better.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects peoples ability to communicate and interact with others. It is hard for those on the spectrum to make sense of the world around them and the condition affects people to varying degrees. Some of the effects of autism are delayed language, difficulty making eye contact and verbal communication, sensory sensitivities, intense interests and often repetitive behaviours. The ‘spectrum’ of autism refers to the idea that those with autism may display many, or few of these signals. Whatsmore, autism is usually accompanied by other medical issues like gastrointestinal disorder, disturbed sleep, anxiety, phobias, ADHD and OCD; the symptoms of which can be reduced with the correct activation of the endocannabinoid system.

About Artistic

Part of the ‘FIVERSFORARTISTIC’ project.

Artistic is primarily made up by highly qualified volunteers who mentor and support young artists, many of which are autistic. Each artist has already achieved critical acclaim after demonstrating highly imaginative work. All of the artistic artists have exhibited their works and many have achieved sales. Some of these sales have contributed to supporting the Royal Berkshire Hospital Umbrella Charity, Resources for Autism, Fragile X, Jac’s and Anna Kennedy Online.

There are three founders who make the charity what it is today: Chris Roberts who has two autistic sons. After 22 years of being involved professional football, he has now dedicated himself to projects with the special needs community. Colin Sugden is a retired teacher who specialised in art. His is accomplished in his own right and has 30 years of experience working with young people with special needs through therapeutic arts. Finally, there is Richard Dolinski, a retired Deputy Headteacher who specialised in work with those on the Autism spectrum. Richard teaching career also extended into owning a successful art dealership and publishing house.

Their Objectives are simple but poignant:

Short Term: To develop the artistic abilities, commercial awareness, communication and social skills of our Foundation Artists whilst developing the career opportunities of our various Guest Artists.

Medium Term: To build on the success of our sixteen previous successful exhibitions by organising our next major show in May 2018.

Long Term: To Finance an Independent Artistic Community with public spaces, where our Artists can live, work and exhibit in a secure and supportive environment. Our ultimate goal is to enable our Foundation Artists to become truly independent contemporaries and not to be reliant upon State Benefits.”

The Event

The 50:50 event spans over three weeks and includes lots, and lots of influential guest speakers in the art, and autism worlds. One of the notable guests is Tally Nothey who is helping to organise the event. Tally is on the board of trustees for the Fragile X Society and is well connected with the autisim community; her son being diagnosed with the condition.

Our own guest speaker will be MD Steve, who will be discussing the role of the ECS in helping those with autism, and those affected by the spectrum of conditions. As we discussed earlier in the blog post, the ECS has a direct impact in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of the conditions associated with autism; many of which cause ‘sensory meltdowns’ and suffering for autistic people. The ECS can reduce nausea and is a powerful anxiolytic which means that it can have a calming effect on the body and brain; this is partly why those stimulating the ECS have better sleep patterns. CBD is a cannabinoid that activates & stimulates the ECS.

Steve will also be talking about the huge impact on the empowerment of being able to control the care that is provided. We are extremely passionate about allowing people to make their own decisions when it comes to health care.

Steve will be speaking at the event on the 08:08:18 at 18:00.

Please Help us by Supporting Artistic

Please join us in supporting this fantastic charity. We would love to encourage you to be generous and provide whatever you can provide; whether that is time or money. Find our more information about the charity, see the work, and the utterly bewilderingly amazing artwork on the artistic website –