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Why Do I Recommend Flora Fusion Skin Products ?

Skin health has always been important to me because glowing skin is an outward manifestation of good health.  My interest in how diet affects the skin is one of the reasons I became a nutritional therapist in the first place.


I love the Intense Repair Serum as it is really anti-aging and calming for the skin whilst giving it a healthy glow. Its obviously important what you put in your body but it is equally important what you put onto it as well. This serum is one of my skin secrets to glowing skin at 60.

Have a sensational journey to health, happiness and purpose with Kate Cook

I'm Kate Cook and I've been a Nutritional Therapist, presenter, and author for over 24 years .  You can check out my Corporate Wellness Site ( if you're curious. I've written 8 books, I did a TV series too long ago, I have done a TEDx talk and spoken at many 100’s of events and companies over that time, inspiring health through nutritional solutions.

Join me on my Sensational Skin from Within course to discover the secrets to great looking skin from the inside out.

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I have my own personal preferences for when it comes to recommendations. Please click the button below to go to the Flora Fusion Online Store.

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