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How can CBD Help Scotland & Where to Buy CBD Oil from the Original Scottish CBD Company. We have been providing CBD Oil in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Scotland since 2016

CBD Oil from a Scottish Company Since 2016

We love where we live and love the country we call home. Without getting all soppy, this cold, wet rock in the North Sea has been good to us over the years. While one or two of our team (you know who you are) are not native to Scotland, it is where we call home together. What we are doing here is not so much a calculated business; it is rather a project of passion. We have been producing and supplying CBD Oil in Scotland since 2016 when it became legal. A project where we aim to achieve great success and pass that success to our local community and communities around Scotland. You may have seen this on our About Us  page:

"Our mission to our customers; our families; and our friends is simple: 'We aim to change the way people think about healthcare and through ethical business practices to contribute back to the societies in which we operate.' (Ooor Skippa and MD, Steve) 

Our approach is simple- We aspire to:

1. Educate our customers on the use and benefits of our products.

2. Supply safe and quality assured natural products (which meet our sustainability criteria). 

3. Support through excellent customer service and friendly collaboration with partnered health care providers.

Simply put, we are just 'people helping people'. We get a kick out of that. "

We plan to do business to the highest quality CBD Oil in Scotland, and as sustainably and ethically as is possible.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabioid which can be found in the hemp family of plants. It has been associated with several health and well-being benefits due to the way in which CBD interacts with your Endocannabinoid system. Many of the benefits of CBD couls specifically help communities in Scotland achieve a greater sense of well-being and could pave the way to new understanding of the human body.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Scotland?

This is a question we are asked a lot, and to answer the questions quickly: Yes, CBD oil is legal in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

CBD is derived from the 'Cannabis' family of plants which has been associated with illegal recreational drug use. These days it is the Cannabinoid THC that is prohibited under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971; it is THC that gives you the 'high' associated with Cannabis.After many years of criminalisation, Cannabis has lots of negative associations and many people are worried that if they take CBD Oil in Scotland, they may get themselves into trouble. We can categorically say that all of our CBD products are legal, however, if you do have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch and ask.

Although CBD is legal to sell and consume, there are lots of regulations around the marketing of CBD and the 'medicinal benefits' of CBD products. We do not make any medical claims about our products.

How Can CBD Oil benefit Scotland?

Well, the reason that CBD has health and well being benefits is all due to the 'Endocannabionoid system' This system is part of our health, well being and repair system and helps the body defend itself against invading bodies, alongside inducing the production of healthy cells; which is partly why the Endocannabionid system is known to reduce the chance of Cancerous mutations.  We know that the stimulation of the Endocannabinoid system can cure, or significantly reduce the symptoms of such health conditions as, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain and IBS (irritable bowl sindrome), Crohn’s Disease , Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety & Mental Well Being. In Scotland, the Scottish Government has drawn out that 'Mental Health and Well Being' is one of their main priorities in Scotland. The role of a healthy ECS in Scotland can help us deal with a lot of the health issues that we suffer from here. CBD, along with other Cannabinoids, stimulates the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD Oil Edinburgh?

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From our office, we have a fantastic view of the river Forth and the beautiful city of Edinburgh (if you stand on Portabello beach you can see the wind turbine outside our office). Edinburgh is a city we know well and love. We are lucky enough to have some of our CBD Oil in Edinburgh based shops, so if you're local to Edinburgh head into Good Food-Heath Food Store, Apothecary, or Hemp, to support their shops. Our our family has also grown to include CBD companies in Edinburgh who have created their own products from scratch. We supply to Rebel Roots who have created an amazing CBD Oil for Hair range. These are a select few of the many, many CBD Oil Edinburgh wholesalers.

Edinburgh has also been the focal point for CBD oil in Scotland due to the recent opening of Scotland's first CBD store. It makes us incredibly proud to be part of and support the growing community of CBD providers in Edinburgh. Now, with CBD products of the shelves of high street stores we are seeing more people interested in CBD, understanding more about its health and well-being properties and how CBD could be used as a supplement to benefit their daily lives. This is nothing but good news to us, because it allows us to put our core values into practice. For us, this is a project of passion and we are thrilled to be taking part of the journey.

 Our Flora Fusion family continues to grow in Scotland & the EU. If you are looking for CBD oil in Edinburgh but don't have the time to get out and about, then feel free to visit our store and order your CBD online. CBD Edinburgh wide is as easy as a click of a button.

CBD In Glasgow is already massive

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Over our many, many combined years of working within the CBD industry in Scotland, we have worked with and connected with hundreds of customers and wholesalers. Thankfully, we are actually personal friends with one or two of the biggest CBD companies in Glasgow. Yes, actual friends. Cannabis/Hemp based products have taken Glasgow by force and it is rare to walk down Sauchiehall Street without having to cut through the queues of people waiting to buy CBD (Glasgow has the bug). If you are in Glasgow please give Irene McCabe a call at The Harvest Clinic on 01413330878 or 07709868788 and she will arrange for your order to be picked up from the Clinic itself. Otherwise,  we can also be found in Napiers The Herbalist.

The west coast is where many of us at Flora Fusion are from. So Glasgow has been a very big part of our lives (and will continue to be) as long as we continue to grow. Glasgow has a passion for CBD like no other city we have been in. The city has always been known for its liberal, forward thinking and energetic culture, and so the reception to CBD Oil in Glasgow has been fantastic so far. Like CBD oil in Edinburgh, our family of retailers and wholesalers is growing, and growing. We would love to hear from you if you would like to join.

So, if you're looking for CBD Glasgow bound, and can't be bothered to wait in the queues- visit our online store!

Alongside the companies in the biggest cities in Scotland, we provide CBD oils to therapeutic specialists like Lisa Beverage at Rococo. She has a clinic delivering amazing aromatherapy, pain relief and massage therapies.

Flora Fusion in the UK & EU

One of the main 'selling points' of our Flora Fusion CBD Oil is that is was Manufactured and UKAS tested in the UK. Ours is the only CBD Oil in Scotland that is produced in the UK and is therefore tested and quality controlled to meet the high UK governmental standard. We are confident that the quality of our CBD Oil in Scotland is one of the best you can buy; our customers seem to agree. It has been our aim to empower customers to buy CBD (Cannabis) Oil UK wide and allow them to enjoy the health and well-being benefits of Cannabis/Hemp products. Let's not get too excited but, although Scotland is our home, our reputation and product quality is taking us places we had only dreamed of a couple of years ago. We are branching out in the wider UK and have plans in motion to take Flora Fusion to the EU.

We are very proud that our little Scottish CBD company is building a reputation and making waves for CBD in Scotland, in the wider UK & the rest of the world.  To find out more about our CBD Oil UK range, click on the link. If you have any questions, please get in touch.