CBD becoming accepted – survey

New research by a global intelligence platform suggests a high acceptance rate for CBD products here in the UK despite lingering worries over adequate testing and regulation.

CBD products with 0.2% or less THC content was made legal here in 2016, and last November doctors were allowed to start prescribing medicinal cannabis with a higher TNC content, but while the CBD industry has grown rapidly, some consumers have been slow to shake off the druggie connotations.

The latest survey by Streetbees suggests that’s all changing. They found that two out of three people in the UK would be willing to try products containing CBD oil, which is good news.

They also found that seven out of ten believe CBD helps with medical issues. As you may know, we can’t legally make any medical claims for our Flora Fusion products, so we’ll be watching how this upturn in public opinion develops.

According to the survey, older people are more convinced of the health benefits of CBD products. That fits in with what we see from our customer profile, too.

The survey canvassed people 14,000 in the US and UK. Streetbees found that topical creams and sweet edibles were what most people wanted to try.

However, 57% of UK people said they were still concerned about potential unknown side effects.

Streetbees co-founder Oli May said: “Our study shows that there is widespread interest in the UK in the new wave of legal CBD oil products being brought to market. While consumers are optimistic about the potential benefits that these products may have, they are also clearly concerned that the substance hasn’t been thoroughly tested. Producers will need to allay these fears if CBD oil is truly to enter mainstream consumption.”

That’s something we have always been conscious of at Flora Fusion. We pride ourselves in our thorough testing regime and transparency in that regard. Still, we’re well aware that the industry isn’t yet properly regulated, and we welcome any moves that would further allay people’s doubts.

According to the survey, the main reason people give for not wanting to try any CBD products at all is that they’re against the use of drugs in general, with over 61% of this group concerned that it would lead to being addicted to cannabis.

This shows a fundamental lack of understanding of CBD in our opinion which underlines a continuing need for education, something Flora Fusion has always been committed to.