Make your own CBD salve

Ever tried using a CBD oil as a Salve?

If you have searched the internet for the best use of your CBD oil, you may have realised that it can be used in as many ways as you can think of. We know that some people drink it with their tea, dab it under the tongue or put it in the bath for them to soak in. Quickly bypassing the weird and wonderful, using CBD as a salve is a very common way to use CBD products. If you haven’t considered using CBD oil as a salve, then this blog post might spike your interest.

CBD salve tends to very popular as a topical treatment for acute, local pain and because it is easy to carry, apply and create, it has become somewhat of a popular sensation.

Salve? Isn’t that just a Fancy Word for Ointment?!

Yes, yes it is. A salve is an ointment or balm that is applied to the skin. In essence, it is a medicinal term that relates to a substance that aids the protection of the skin. If you aren’t familiar with CBD, there are plenty of health benefits that have been associated with Cannabis products. CBD has been found to promote health and wellbeing in many different ways – you can find out more about how the Endo-Cannabinoid System works here. Using a CBD balm on your skin gives the CBD oil some diversity in its application and can be targeted to specific ailments where other CBD products would not be appropriate. Wherever you apply the salve, it’s benefits are said to be profound.

Turing CBD oil into a CBD lip balm.

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Recently, we have found a brilliant article showing us how to turn our Flora-Fusion oil into a CBD Salve and it doesn’t require a PHD in advanced chemistry. There are a couple of steps to this but all you will need is 1 small cup of premium CBD oil (which you can find by clicking here), 1 ounce of Beeswax and 1 ounce of Shea Butter. Added to that, find yourself a couple of lip-balm tins, follow the instructions in the article and you will be able to make yourself your very own portable, easy to apply CBD lip balm or CBD ointment. What we have found with our own efforts at making a CBD salve, is that the oil itself spreads very far. A couple of little tins will last for ages and could be brilliant little CBD gifts for your family and friends. We have tried a couple of CBD salve recipes and this one is a good’un.

There is something exciting about turning CBD oil into a CBD lip balm. Especially, as we are up north in Scotland (Fife, near Edinburgh) where the weather is cold, you can’t go wrong with a good lip balm. Now equipt with your nicely protected lips, the CBD enters into your system slowly when it is absorbed orally. When you apply your CBD lip balm throughout the day you will be able to benefit from it’s calming and health promotional qualities. It’s all about being inventive when it comes to using your CBD salve.

Topical CBD Ointment.

CBD has been associated aiding those with ‘general wellbeing’ when suffering from long-term health/pain conditions. We know plenty of CBD oil users who have attributed CBD products with a huge reduction in their suffering from chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. So, if you’re in the office on one of those cold winter days and you can feel the age in your hands, a topical hand balm could be a perfect natural strategy to help hand wellbeing. A good use that we have found for a CBD ointment is a reduction of skin itching from skin conditions. We suggest that you consult with a health professional before trying any natural remedies for yourself, however, I myself suffer from dermatitis. When I get a flare up it can feel as if my skin is crawling and it can be very uncomfortable. What works for me is a small topical dose of CBD ointment on the affected areas can really ease the itching. Here is an article on the very subject.

CBD in blog form.

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