CBD Use During Pregnancy & For Children


IMPORTANT: The following information is intended for discussion only and is not intended to offer any medical or nutritional advice. Flora Fusion will not accept responsibility for any outcomes or decisions made as a result from the following information and trusted medical advice/counsel should be sought before undertaking any supplementary program especially surrounding Cannabis/Hemp derived products.  *Information provided not for Re-Use. 

Flora Fusion response to information requested about the use of Cannabinoids during pregnancy.

Before we talk about CBD During Pregnancy

Currently, there is a lot of research being undertaken about the safety and effectiveness of Cannabis in adulthood.  One of these “Hot Topics” is the use of cannabis during pregnancy.

We here at Flora Fusion are happy to be part of the quickly rising Cannabis industry and we are always looking for ways to find, extract and simplify information for customers and wider distributors without misleading or misguiding our direct and indirect customers/users of CBD products.

Due to the seriousness of this particular question (I mean it’s our kids we are talking about!) then it is essential that Flora Fusion’s stance on advisory counsel is clear and that is:  We will not offer any medical advice or counsel on the use of Cannabis as per our regulatory guidelines administered by the CTA and Home Office due to not being medically qualified to do so.  

We cannot and will not give advice on the results of the use of Cannabis Products in a medicinal fashion and can only offer our products as a supplementary foodstuff and recommended as part of a healthy and balanced diet. This is inclusive of CBD for infants or babies: it is even more essential to allow people to make up their own mind. This is the same for CBD during pregnancy

However as part of our commitment to ‘Educate, Supply and Support’ our customers we will provide information based on our own research for individuals to discuss and make an educated decision that is specific to their situation and conditions.

Things to Consider

Cannabis use (In particular THC) in pre-adolescent and human adolescent development periods is clinically evident to have long-term and negative consequences. The overall reason for this is due to the need for the natural Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) to develop unhindered.

The recent rise in Cannabis popularity for adult consumption of both medicinal and recreational use has given a Carte Blanche effect for Cannabis product dispensaries/practitioners/companies to make outlandish and irresponsible claims to effectiveness and safety in the aid of a sale.  This is certainly worrying.

Therefore we must be responsible to provide direction to lucid and critically inclusive data which have enough credibility to allow an individual to make an informed decision.

The following links will direct the reader to articles and insights of different perspectives with a personalised (non-advisory) summary of analysis by Flora Fusion’s Managing Director. I must again state that this does not constitute advice or a recommendation and the onus is on the individual to accept responsibility for their own actions as a result.  This is also the stance of Flora Fusion Ltd but may not be representative of all Flora Fusion members’ opinions.

Is Cannabidiol Safe During Pregnancy?

The following article is a good start using small to medium control groups with the varying efficacy of independent and clinical studies around the topic of ‘Cannabis during Pregnancy’ written by Dr Stacey Kerr[1].


The following link from CIITECH comes from a laboratory centred organisation based in Israel Where the Godfather of Cannabis research Dr Rafael Mechoulam conducted his studies on the properties of THC leading to the research plan allowing for the ECS discovery in the late 90’s. (https://cbdcrew.org/assets/cbd-Mechoulam-1964.pdf)


Further articles/studies used in developing my personalised opinion are:

Embryo Stages of Development

This article shows evidence of Embryo stages of development and effects of cannabinoids on cell development linked to our ECS.  It warns against effects of THC in development due to its stimulation of the ECS causing the natural development to be altered.

This study determines Cannabidiol can have an effect on natural Defence of the Placenta on Xenobiotics (Exogenous Chemicals such as pharmaceutical compounds: The use of Glyburide as the Xenobiotic in this case) This study showed CBD reduced the natural Placenta resistance to the foreign compound.

Resulting Conclusion from Flora Fusion Managing Director

As with most requests for information surrounding Cannabis/Hemp products it is imperative that people self-educate and maintain responsibility in their use of the compounds.  While many isolated examples can show specific instances of non-harmful reactions to cannabis during pregnancy there is research which can counter these claims dependant on the specific characteristics/conditions surrounding the subjects themselves. There are no strong definitive examples/incidences of mass retardation of human development in the use of CBD but this does not mean that it could not occur in future or when attributed to a specific individual or subject or indeed subjective control group.

Therefore whilst there is any uncertainty or doubt the official stance of Flora Fusion would be that we would certainly not expect anyone during pregnancy to engage in high THC products/compounds due to the apparent and evident risks and in the instance of CBD, then it would require your own investigation and analysis of available research to allow for an informed decision prior to any consumption.

[1] Stacey Kerr, M.D., is a family physician and birthing counsellor who has provided family-centered childbirth experiences for her patients for more than fifteen years. A former columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, she writes about timely issues in medical practice and has been published extensively in medical journals, including JAMACalifornia Family Physician, and Sonoma Medicine. She is the editor of the TMCI comprehensive course on Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine and the author of Home Birth in the Hospital. Kerr is currently the medical director for Hawaiian Ethos, a medical cannabis dispensary.