CBD for asthma

CBD oil for asthma

The UK has the highest rates of asthma in Europe. Around 5.4 million people are currently receiving treatment (2018) and it affects 1 in 11 of us. Like many respiratory conditions, asthma can vary in severity which means that while it may not affect a person’s day-to-day life, others may feel as though ‘climbing the stairs is like running a marathon.

The symptoms of asthma can also change daily and can be triggered by poor sleep, stress, pollution, chemicals, illness (like a cold or flu) or the weather. For this reason, asthma is often difficult to control and can cause unexpected hospitalisation or death. In the UK, three people die from asthma each day.

Please note: Flora Fusion does not make any medical claim about its products and cannot advise you on which of our CBD products to use for any medical condition. It’s important that you do your own research before taking CBD.

CBD treatment for asthma

Asthma is usually controlled with inhaled medication or steroids. Although many asthma treatments do not have long-term effects, steroids may have some. Conventional medications aim to relieve the inflammation or corticosteroids that help to prevent allergens and irritants from triggering the condition. However, the body has its own process to relieve the symptoms of asthma. By stimulating the endocannabinoid system the body can help to regulate the inflammation in the lungs. It can also help the body to prepare for the triggers by reducing stress and anxiety as well as help to regulate sleeping patterns and strengthen the immune system.

CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system. CBD treatment for asthma is a hotly debated topic and there are plenty of articles detailing the specifics. If you want to learn more about CBD treatment of Asthma we recommend that you do your research. We must also stress that you should speak to your doctor before taking any supplements. Do not stop your current medication without taking medical advice. 

Best CBD oil for asthma

CBD helps to stimulate the endocannabinoid system and is the most popular CBD supplement in the UK. The best CBD oil for asthma is one that can be absorbed directly into the respiratory system and can be taken as a long-term supplement. Many CBD oils can be nebulized which is a perfect delivery system for somebody who suffers from a respiratory condition like asthma.

However, you do not have to nebulize CBD. You can take it orally and still benefit from the endocannabinoid system being stimulated. The best CBD oil for asthma is also a full spectrum product. This means that the products contain a carefully calculated combination of cannabinoids that work together to enhance and regulate each other (as well as help each other be absorbed and effectively utilised by the body). This is called the entourage effect. The best CBD oil for asthma may vary depending on the individual and we suggest that you try a few different types to ensure that you are using the best for you. We also recommend that you do your research as CBD oil treatment for asthma may not be the best option for you.

CBD oil for asthma dosage

The dosage for CBD oil for asthma really does depend on the circumstances and individual need. For those with very light asthma or sport-induced asthma, a general supplement may be the best way forward. Put two doses of a water-soluble CBD oil in a large glass of water or add it to your sports water bottle. Drinking a lot of water can also help alleviate asthma symptoms. A general stimulation of the endocannabinoid system may be exactly what you need. People with severe asthma symptoms might need a higher dose and may well find that they need to nebulize the CBD for direct absorption into the respiratory system. Every individual should experiment until they find the right dose for them.

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