CBD Oil Europe

Here at Flora-Fusion we offer a range of CBD products that have been sourced and produced in Europe. European products have been a heavy weight in CBD products for as long as we can remember. EU sourced products are a keen favorite for many CBD customers due to their quality and sustainable production. All CBD products are produced under the European Legislaton. In our Range of EU CBD products we have CBD Oil for Pets, CBD Paste and Bioactive CBD Oil.

10ml Bottle Of Bioactive CBD OIL (400mg)

5G Syringe of 16.5% CBD Paste

20ML Bottle of Bioactive CBD Oil (800mg)

Bioactive CBD Oil

Our 10 ML Bottle of BioActive CBD Oil (400mg) and 20ML Bottle of Bioactive CBD oil (800mg) CBD mix dissolves in tea, fruit and veg juices or other drinks and makes the pulling of “long faces” a thing of the past. It also tastes a lot nicer.  BioActive CBD contains organic ingredients derived exclusively from plants. Curcumin, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, CBD, CBC, CBN and CBG. The carefully chosen ingredients and their relationship to each other ensure that they enhance each other.

CBD For Pets

CBD Oil for Pets is something we feel passionate about. This pet-friendly CBD oil from our E.U range is a CBD oil specially designed for your pet’s consumption. We know that animals (such as cats and dogs) experience the health and well-being benefits that are associated with CBD products. For instance, as a dog owner, Bonfire night can be the worst time of the year when the loud bangs frighten the animal. Not only that, but pets also suffer from chronic pain conditions and seizures (believe it or not, CBD oil for dog seizures is said to be a very effective coping strategy). Therefore, we thought it would only be fair to get serious about CBD products for pets

CBD Paste

This brilliant product is a multi-spectrum cannabinoid paste consisting of non-GMO organic phytocannabinoid (Plant Derived) compounds to produce a powerful supplementary combination. Quality tested and free from pesticides this CO2 extracted product will be a great addition to general health protocols. We have tested and tried all of our products and only offer you, our customers, the best possible quality. Our CBD Paste is premium quality because we have narrowed down the best products so that we can share them with our friends, family and you. Here at Flora-Fusion, we care about the quality of our CBD Paste because we are passionate about your wellbeing. If Cannabinoid paste works for you, this is a magnificent find.

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