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we know you love your horses and so do we

Flora Fusion products are Hemp products and as such not to be used for competition purposes. The use of products is at the discretion of our customers and Flora Equine takes no responsibility if found to be in breach of FEI competition conditions.

Please call for information on this product.

To kick off this new arm of our brand and to help Horse owners and lovers everywhere know of why we are doing what we do, it is important that we touch on the very basics of how Cannabidiol (CBD) works. We aim to educate (apologies if it’s a bit sciencey) on what it means to utilize CBD for humans and, of course, our horses. We also ultimately wish to alleviate any uncertainty about engaging in a regular CBD protocol for your Horse's overall Health and Well-Being. The following blog has been written to help you do just that. 

We want to welcome you all to our newest venture and thank you for your support in helping us to get the word out on the benefits of our products for horses and their owners alike. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD)… is one of over 400 active chemicals in Hemp plants. Amazing isn’t it. Why is it important? Because it engages with a brilliantly complex system in our bodies. CBD interacts with receptors on our cells, creating a fantastic array of responses in keeping us healthy and happy. It is best we start from the start but please click on relevant links and explore the fantastic world of information surrounding you and your horse's CBD journey. 

The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System is a remarkable medical discovery uncovered in the 1990s. This was achieved after a series of investigatory research activities starting in the 1960s in response to restricted research regulations and challenges. Some may argue that the Hemp revolution has been a long time coming, given that we have long employed this plant for medicinal purposes (Remember the Pen Tsao Ching). The implications of the discoveries were to astound medical researchers. A major biological system that has an impact on a wide range of physiological and neurological activities in humans.

The entire goal of this system, it appears, is to maintain homeostasis in the human body across many key tasks. Now here is the really really interesting thing! Most animals have one too. Remarkable isn’t it? There exists (and only recently discovered in scientific and existential terms), a biological, neurological, and physiological system, that is uniform in its functions and connects the majority of human, animal, and marine life on this planet, including Horses.

Here at Flora Equine, we understand completely the love that a person can have for their horse. If you’ve ever wanted to feel closer and more connected to your Equine family member, here is the place to be. You're part of a quantum signaling network of maintenance that's almost miraculous, and you're not even aware of it! This is just incredible! 

What do we know about a Horses ECS and will Flora Equine products get my horse high?

A Flora Equine product will never, ever get your horse high. CBD is known to be an antagonist (1), which means it does not bind to cannabinoid receptors. CBD will not stimulate the ECS of a horse in the same way that other possible agonists that bind/activate cannabinoid receptors may. Phyto-chemical agonists are found in full-spectrum products like ours, but at levels that are insignificant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC: the cannabinoid that gets you high) is one of these agonists at 0.02 percent and below. At this microdose level, only mild agonist activity is observed, with no possibility of a sedative or stimulating high.

It is also important to remember that every Horse (just like their owners) is unique in its health needs, therefore one size doesn't fit all when it comes to feeding this incredible system.
We know a lot about the ECS functions of animals, and while much more study is needed, they basically have the same internal functions as humans, as we are both mammalian species. Obviously, there are subjective differences to suit each mammal on the planet however we have a lot of similarities. One of them is the ECS.

To mention a few common ailments, a horse will experience discomfort, mood swings, sleep issues, nutritional issues, and even worry. All of which are related to ECS functionality. The activation of Cannabinoid receptors in equine cells is essential for targeted treatments for these diseases, just as it is for humans.

But wait… that should mean that the product is not as effective if there isn’t a large amount of THC agonist potential right? That's when the quality of the recipe comes into play, and Terpenes step in to rescue the day. 


Terpenes are amazing chemical profiles found in the Hemp plant and other plants. They are responsible for the smells, flavors, and pigments (colors) of plants. Terpenes of various categories are abundant throughout our natural world, and the benefits these phytochemical substances have to offer to make them a genuine gift from our planet.

Beta-Caryophyllene is a very essential Terpene to consider. The significance of this in a Flora Equine product is its capacity to function as an agonist on CB2 receptors as part of your Horse's ECS without raising the THC concentration to get the same effect.

This highlights the necessity to ensure that products are made to strict standards while also using effective formulae. At Flora Equine, all of our products are vetted for quality and efficacy and adhere to strict FEI guidelines; the method of administration we recommend takes full advantage of the information we know and want to share.

What is the most important thing to know for safe administration of a Flora Equine product? 

The most essential factor to consider when using CBD for horses is the effect that CBD has on your horse's liver when combined with other medicines. Equine biology, like human biology, contains chemical metabolism processed in their liver by the Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzyme family.

We also know that the CYP450 enzyme family, which exists in humans, also exists in horses. This impacts how a horse may break down other possible medicines, therefore caution is necessary when providing CBD when a horse is undergoing certain therapeutic treatments. It is not because the medicines combine to cause toxicity; rather, both substances compete for the same enzymes that are required to break down the other medication. Consider the following analogy: there are too many passengers on one bus, and everyone is clambering for a seat.

How to use the Flora Equine product range.

At Flora Fusion we understand the love for your horse and want to provide the best method of administration and safe use of our products. We have a great range, which is detailed below.

Flora Hoof Repair

A wonderful balm made entirely of natural and synthetic-free components. When chilled, the balm will remain solid, but when heated, it will liquefy. Clean the hoof and sole well, then apply balm to all hoof regions using a gentle brush. The balm should be used to the Coronet band, toes, soles, and frogs in particular. Apply on a daily basis for therapeutic purposes or on a weekly basis to maintain an already healthy hoof. Horses with happy hooves are happy horses.

Derma Repair

Horses are susceptible to a range of skin issues and conditions. Whether it's Sweet Itch caused by biting bugs, Dermatitis or even minor cuts and abrasions from daily hacks, a Horse can have a poor time of it when these conditions are left untreated.

Flora Equine Derma Repair can be used to help soothe the effects of these conditions and help the skin repair itself afterward. With a handy pump to administer the product to affected areas, it is easy to use. Wash the affected area and dry. Shake product well. Apply a generous amount of the oil to the affected area and let it absorb as best as possible. Use once daily.

Flora Equines' range of ingestible oils is made from high-quality hemp sources in Germany. This biomass is then converted into the formulas we have on offer in Holland and meets EU Food Standards and GMP practice in its production. The highly enriched oil full of Terpenes and Cannabinoids allows for a fantastic boost to the overall health and well-being of horses' immune and neurological functions. Shake all products vigorously before use. 


Flora Equine 'Focus' was created with the purpose of administering 3000mg of CBD at 100mg per day at a low dosage. Best purchased after the first trial of Flora Equine 'Maintain' has been completed and the findings of that trial have been assessed.

The goal of this product is motivated by the fact that certain horses do not require as much CBD to produce the desired results. Focus is a wonderful low-cost and low-dose formula for horses that owners may add to their broader nutritional requirements whether the horse has a problem or not. Keeping 'Happy Horses'… well… Happy.


Our recommended first product is Flora Equine 'Maintain.' It is the initial stage of assessing if your horse needs less or more CBD subjectively, with a substantial 6000mg of CBD and supporting terpene compound following approx. 200mg each day for 30 days. Flora Equine would then utilise your comments and real-world data to find the optimal strategy. This is an excellent moderate strength product for any horse of any size to begin their ‘Happy Horse' journey.


Flora Equine 'Pro' is our first product with a higher dosage recommended. It can be acquired after the first usage of Maintain or for horses that are extremely resistant to treatment from the start. With a staggering 9000mg of CBD and a possible dose of 300mg per day, this product and dosage has proved life-changing for Equine owners of mischievous or behaviorally maladjusted horses, as well as for serious inflammatory diseases. While we always recommend starting with our Maintain for newcomers, Flora Equine ‘Pro' is a strong strength recipe for the most difficult situations.


When it comes to dose, each horse is unique, and unlike traditional medicines or supplemental regimens, CBD is best provided as a 'method' rather than a fixed or strict application structure.

A human can tolerate anywhere from 5 to 100mg of CBD on average, depending on their health and need. Horses are significantly heavier than humans and so require a greater quantity to get the same outcomes.

Flora Equine conducted voluntary product testing with a small control group of horses for a variety of reasons. We were able to discover that a dosage of between 100mg and 300mg per day is a reasonable mean average to work from, and our trial clients were pleased with our outcomes, which included a very bad horse making it into Santa's nice list. The information below is given to assist guide use throughout a 30-day period.

A Handy Flow Chart - Flora Equine Ingestible Products


CBD products are taking the globe by storm due to their potential advantages and intriguing anecdotal evidence. Horses and humans have many similarities in terms of the benefits that this natural gift may bring. Our products are designed for optimum quality and efficiency in usage; nonetheless, crucial considerations regarding drugs, doses, and how to apply are necessary, which is why we are here to assist you. This material has been provided for your guidance and product education so that you and your four-legged Equine family members may understand the goal of our mission, which is to produce… Horses, rejoice!

*Flora Fusion and Flora Equine are not doctors, veterinarians nor medical professionals, rather CBD and Hemp product enthusiasts and sellers. The information provided is not to be considered medical advice and should not supersede or substitute recommendations or advice from your veterinarian or animal specialist. Our success lies in educating our customers with the correct information to make informed choices for optimal safety and results from our products. 

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