Flora Fusion Ltd and the CTA – MD Steves’s Blog Entry No.1

Hi Fusion Fans

What a year it has been! Since incorporating in 2016 Flora Fusion has had quite a journey. Three guys from different walks of life all connected by a little "something" so seemingly insignificant, yet staggeringly important for the future of human health. This "something": Cannabis 🙂 . . . A wonderful plant with phenomenal research implications for overall well-being benefits and one that needs to be truly understood before used in any recreational, supplementary or medicinal fashion.

We have worked tirelessly in the Scottish community and wider geographic reaches to bring information and support to those wanting to learn more about how our bodies react to Cannabis and our Cannabis based products. We had an extremely challenging startup period in 2017 whilst finding our feet as a family run company on a mission in this dynamic new industry. Through this early toil, we quickly generated into a heavily demanded brand that people know and trust. Whilst we still meet new challenges every day we will always advocate for freedom in access to information and pass this on freely also to help generate awareness of the importance of the ‘Endo-Cannabinoid System’ present in humans and in animals and why it is so important.  

From day one the Flora Fusion team has agreed never to compromise our quality or ethics. Our budding industry (pun intended) is sweeping the UK and growing presence in international demographics. We are extremely proud to be a part of it.

We are now officially aligning our ‘trading standard’ values with that of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA).  As a member of the CTA we agree to meet specific standards on: the information we give; the products we sell; and the security assurance of personal data for our customers. Which is close to our mission to ‘educate, supply and support’ our customers on their cannabis usage journey.

Due to our decision to join the CTA we now have the added bonus of reliable merchant facilities and thanks to the CTA for their support in this. The Flora office has been heavily inundated with requests for payment facilities to be upgraded and our close friends and family know the struggle we have had with this particular business function. Our industry challenges have been marred with ongoing stigma by financial institutions which we are happy to report are slowly but surely changing. Therefore we offer a huge amount of gratitude from all of us for the patience and support during this time of reduced functionality to all those who were affected.  

Flora Fusion hopes that our involvement will be a positive voice in the Cannabis community, to always ask for the truth and freedom of the information surrounding the research of this beautiful gift of nature. As Cannabis enthusiasts and also regular people, we can’t wait to see how we can help our communities by giving back 10% of our net profits to societies needs as part of our conscious commitment to the business.

On that note, all of us here in the Flora team and the growing Fusion family humbly want to thank our treasured customers, families and friends for your continued and unwavering support. We wouldn’t be here without you and are grateful each day that we have had an opportunity to bring Flora Fusion to life.

 Peace and Love to you all,


Steven Harrison

Managing Director and Human Being.