How to use Flora Fusion products

We get a lot of questions asking us the best ways to use our CBD products so we thought it was best to collect our thoughts on one page on the how to use CBD Oil, Pastes & Isolate products. So here is a guide to using our products:

Get the most from Bio

Our Bio is one of the most popular products and the easiest to use as it’s soluble in water.  Here’s the best way to take it:

  • Pour yourself some water, juice or tea
  • Add two or three squirts of Bio, depending on what you need
  • Stir and enjoy

How to use Hemp+


CBD and hemp oil go well together for obvious reasons.  You can take Hemp+ on its own or in food and drink. Here’s how to use it on its own:

  • Shake the bottle
  • Take a full dropper of oil and squeeze the contents under your tongue
  • Hold the oil there for 45-60 seconds
  • Swallow the oil
  • You might want to rinse your mouth by drinking a glass of water

How to use Raw

Raw is our CBD paste. The best way to take this is to put a small amount under your tongue once or twice a day.

  • Squeeze a small amount – the size of a grain of rice – onto a clean finger
  • Hold the paste under tongue for 60-90 seconds
  • Rinse your mouth with a glass of water if required

The reason we say put the CBD oil under your tongue is that the oil can be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. If you eat the paste you miss out on some of the cannabinoids because the stomach isn’t as efficient at absorbing them.

How to use Isolate


Usually, CBD isolate is added to a carrier oil, cream or some other medium. Which carrier oil you choose depends on what you are using it for. For instance, olive oil is great for skin and many other uses while castor oil is good for hair. Here’s how to use it: 

  • Pour a carrier oil into a large beaker or bowl
  • Boil water in a large pan and place the beaker in the hot water
  • Keep slowly heating the water and stir the oil until it is just below 60 degrees
  • Add however much isolate you require once the oil is just over 60 degrees
  • Keep stirring and monitoring the temperature until the isolate has dissolved
  • Remove beaker carefully from the water and allow to cool