Holland and Barrett & Jacob Hooy CBD Oil Review

Jacob Hooy Holland & Barrett CBD Oil review

Unless you have been under a rock, you will have seen that CBD Oil has been all over the media. Lately, it has become quite the storm. This is mostly to do with Holland and Barrett’s marketing frenzy and PR. Although they have been selling CBD products for quite some time, they recently reduced their prices for the Jacob Hooy 10ml bottles from 19.99 to 9.99. Wow. It got Phil and Holly talking about CBD on This Morning and has been plastered on every news article you could think of. All promotion for the Jacob Hooy products. The question is- does this product match the hype and how does it compare to something closer to home?

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While not all CBD producers have the ability to cut their products quite as much as H&B, they have been successful in achieving awareness for CBD products and their health and wellbeing benefits. According to the Independent, the number of CBD Oil users increased from 25,000 to 250,000 between early 2017-2018. If nothing else we are very thankful for the widespread awareness of the benefits associated with CBD.

Holland and Barrett’s Jacob Hooy Vs Flora-Fusion

To be as objective as we possibly can we have asked a third party to develop a comparison between our own CBD and the one that is on sale on in Holland and Barrett:


Hemp oil is carefully produced by cold pressing hulled hemp seeds to extract the oils which are rich in vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, essential amino acids, Omega-3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. The extraction of Hemp oil has been traced back to even earlier than the biblical era. CBD is then infused with the oil to strengthen the already naturally occurring CBD in the hemp product. CBD itself is a cannabinoid that interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (find more info by clicking the link)

This is a universal technique that is shared by both us and Jacob Hooy although, Flora-Fusion uses 100% organic materials, Jacob Hooy does not make any such claim.

Jacob Hooy

“Holland and Barrett’s CBD Oil range is from Jacob Hooy, a Dutch producer of medicinal and holistic remedies such as incense and natural medicines. Founded in 1743 and trading company for spices and herbs, Jacob Hooy grew to be appointed as the Royal Purveyor to the Dutch royal family in 1815. Jacob Hooy has been around for a very long time but they are now more widely known in the UK due to their range of 2.75% CBD hemp oils. They are a powerhouse in the Dutch pharma industry.”


“Each of the Flora-Fusion team has been working in the CBD industry for a couple of years now. They are a very small company of passionate and dedicated individuals from all over the world Their aim is to bring the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD products to the fore in the UK. Flora-Fusion as a brand came together in late 2016/early 2017 and every step they take in this industry, they work towards doing business as sustainably and ethically as is possible through partnerships and friendships. Quality and protecting our environment is always the first priority.”

JH Sourcing- EU

“Exactly where the CBD oil itself has been created is hard to pin down but some research has suggested that it is definitely in the EU, most likely in the Netherlands. For years, the EU has been a great place to access CBD products and it has some amazing products to show for the years of experience and expertise. Flora Fusion themselves stock some Bioactive CBD Oil from the EU so the EU is a great place to source CBD.”

FF Sourcing- UK

“Flora-Fusion manufacture and test their CBD in labs right here in the UK. There are not many companies manufacturing CBD oil for sale in the UK so they are among an exclusive group pioneers in the UK CBD industry. It is no doubt that they take the responsibility seriously. The oil is independently UKAS tested to ensure its premium quality and nutritional value. Their oils are created organically, sustainabley and environmentally friendly.”

Price- 34GBP

“Jacob Hooy’s CBD oil is much cheaper than those of Flora-Fusion. Both Holland and Barrett and Jacob Hooy are international highstreet companies that have the ability to serve their products at rock bottom price tags. Their ability to have prices this low took the media and many longtime CBD players by surprise. This price has gone a long way to boosting CBD oil’s profile in the UK.”

Price- 84.95GBP

“Comparing prices between Flora-Fusion and Holland and Barrett is like comparing Tescos to a high street butcher. Due to their size, H&B are able to lower their prices and production costs to levels that smaller producers are simply not able to do. Both Holland and Barrett and Jacob Hooy are high street names with millions of pounds and a whole industry at their disposal. There is just no winning for small UK companies with on this one.”

Concentration- 825mg of CBD

“The CBD oil that is being sold in Holland and Barrett’s is advertised at 2.75% concentration for the 10ml and 30ml products. What it means in real terms is a 30ml bottle contains a total of 825mg of CBD. This has been considered as quite low compared to other large producers on the market.”

Concentration- 1200mg of CBD

“The Flora-Fusion organic CBD Hemp oil has a significantly higher concentration of CBD. After extensive testing, they feel that this is the perfect concentration to be able to fire the Endo Cannabinoid System so that customers can benefit from the health promotional qualities of CBD.”

Rating- 3.5 Stars

“Based on the Holland and Barrett website the rating for this product is 3.5 Stars. The breakdown shows:

 5*s -47,

4*s – 24

3*s – 10

2*s – 10

1*s – 31

Most of the reviews are possitive and reflect the health and wellbeing effects of CBD in general. The negativity is based on the weak strength and taste of the product. Among the veteran CBD users, it seems to be very unpopular due to its lack of quality.”

Rating- 5 stars

“This rating is down to the fact that every review that has been made about Flora-Fusion is a 5* (Both on Facebook and Google). Although Flora-Fusion is subject to fewer reviewers and is smaller than H&B, compared to companies of their size, they perform very well and are renowned for quality and customer service.”

Thank You For Reading Our CBD Oil UK Review

Although we are thrilled by this assessment we would love for your own input- Get in touch and let us know what you think. Try the Jacob Hooy CBD oil for yourself and see if you agree with the commentary!

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