Flora Fusion & VAT Registration – MD Steve’s Blog Entry No. 2

Managing Directors Blog – VAT 🙁

Hello, Fusion Fans!

Well, it all seems to be happening in the Flora Fusion office.  Recently joining the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA); increasing our geographic reach; surviving our first year of business and now having to conform to the challenge of compulsory VAT registration.  

The main reason we are at this stage in our companies’ evolution is due to the huge support that we have received since inception both externally and internally. A huge amount of gratitude is felt by all for the fantastic response we have felt from both local Scottish and wider national UK communities.

That means you!

When faced with VAT it is common that organisations’ must increase prices to absorb the impact of the tax which could mean that certain customers who benefit from our supplementary products may find themselves unable to afford such a rise thus reducing their ability to gain access to them.

This challenge triggered some lengthy discussions and a bit of head scratching. The result is we have opted to absorb as much of the VAT as possible for our customers as part of our social commitment policies. We will also continue to support our partnered retailers with a ‘minimal impact’ fair pricing schedule. Which means you the customer should see very little change in our pricing and our retailers will be contacted in due course with new compliant pricing schedules.

A busy and exciting time for us all. We thank-you all for continuing to help us build our little company to continue to ‘Educate, Supply and Support’ our valued customers with our high-quality products and company mission.

Yours Sincerely,

Steven Harrison

Managing Director and Human Being