A Breakthrough? Or more filibustering . . Medical Cannabis Legalisation in the UK

As many of you have seen, Medical Cannabis Oil is to become Legal in the UK; this is at first glance FANTASTIC news. We are thrilled to be witnessing this after years of campaigning and working within the UK Cannabis community and have been honoured to be part of this historical movement. Not only does this mean that those who require education and guidance of Cannabis derived products can access them, it also allows for widespread awareness of the importance of a healthyEndo-Cannabinoid system and its functions. This may mean we are another step closer to open understanding and acceptance of the returning 'Hemp Industry' in the UK. An industry which supports the global trend of decriminalisation, legalisation and sustainable innovation for this amazing family of plants.
The steps towards medical cannabis legalisation has been a long road fought over many decades and has been steeped in heavy controversy, conspiratorial agendas and misguided public stigma. The straw that broke the camels back seemingly was the story of little Billy Caldwell among other high profile Medical Cannabis Cases and the appointment of Sajid Javid and his sudden change of heart due to Billys personal circumstances.
However, Billys case is not unique. There are swathes of sufferers across many demographics which can benefit from Cannabis derived medicines. It is in this that we must push for clarity in the coming weeks.

What does this mean for the Non-Medical ‘Cottage’ Cannabis Industry?

Although the green light has been given to Medical Cannabis legalisation, the parameters are yet unclear. It could take many more weeks, or months to understand what the specific laws will be surrounding Cannabis Medicine. Questions such as: What constitutes as Medical Cannabis? Will synthetics be pushed upon an unaware public? Who will meet the criteria for prescribed Medical Cannabis? Will the Cannabis 'cottage' industry be encouraged to flourish or will the contracts be handed to 'Big Pharma' effectively reducing patient/consumer choice and research potential?

We guess it’s a start. . .

In the coming weeks, we will surely find out. It may be unlikely that, like America, people can openly smoke cannabis in public. It is more likely that the medicine will be controlled and administered by medical professionals/via prescription processes. Consumption of the Cannabis compounds will most likely be via oils, tablets/capsules or nebulizers. We imagine that consumption will be highly regulated and not everyone will meet criteria for approval. We are absolutely for fair and safe regulations, however, we would like to see the industry move away from such fiscal focuses. Helping small companies with assured quality cannabis products thrive (through clear and achievable guidelines) should be encouraged to stimulate economic growth and job creation around a budding new market.
We would like to see our regulatory bodies opening up a channel for easy (and affordable) testing and 'medicalisation' without the need to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds per product.
As Sadiq Javid has said, the medicine will be used in ‘patients with an exceptional clinical need'. This suggests to us that conditions like Autism, MS and SevereEpilepsy will be the first on the list because they are the highest profile in the media, and even then, will it be patients who suffer from the most severe varieties of these conditions?
Cannabis Compounds are effective due to its mimetic nature on an already present physiological system: The Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS functions have shown time and time again in current and recent research to be tremendously important to human overall health due to its homeostatic (stable) objectives. A healthy ECS along with balanced nutritional diets and moderate exercise plans are a great start to living a well-balanced life. So why then cant healthy people access compounds for preventative measures? Why should we have to get sick first? It’s something to not only ponder but to encourage and engage in further public pressure for the answers.
What is most exciting about the first steps to legalisation of medical cannabis is that it opens up a 'better late than never' theoretical Pandoras Box of questions for the unaware. As we know . . .to effect any real change the first thing required is: Awareness.
Once we get the right people educated in making these decisions then this will provide avenues for new research and open conversation about the benefits of further natural alternatives (Psilocybin for depression? Anyone? Just saying).

Big Pharma or Cottage Industry?

We are fully behind what is called a Cannabis 'Cottage Industry' which is a collection of businesses or a manufacturing activity that is carried out privately by citizens and users/suppliers. This style of industry loosens the stranglehold that companies have over medical industries, so even the poorest of people can afford potentially life-changing medicines and community-led initiatives can flourish which provide long overdue social reconstruction (Bridging Communities is a Flora Fusion focus). If you want to know how we know this and if it's effective. The answer is YES! Because we are already doing it!
If there is scope to prescribe medicinally why not let an individual choose? This also opens up the medical cannabis industry to smaller companies (with genuine intentions) and those who want to make small batch medicine for themselves in the comfort of their own home; for their own family; naturally! If you choose to grow a plant and then consume said plant material yourself then it effects a No victim = No crime scenario. Period.
We want to support companies that give back - in our mission plan we pledge to give 10% of our profits to good causes and the local communities in which we live. It isn't much to ask other companies profiting from medical cannabis to do the same is it? We actively encourage others to copy us. Please copy us!
Afterall, we should be in this business to provide natural alternatives to current pharmaceutical options rather than riding a veritable gravy train. This is an idea that's woven into the fabric of Flora Fusion and all other business interests we have.
We do fully support regulation and quality control of medical cannabis so that patients get the very best treatment that is available to them. This will require some government intervention. We would hate to see these huge billion pound pharmaceutical companies monopolising on peoples potential wellbeing without fair recourse for alternatives and alternative providers. This means here in the UK, we don’t have to copy the USA. Rather we should learn from their mistakes.

A unique opportunity!

We ask you, what is the point in natural alternatives if it isn't actually natural? Wouldn't that defeat the point of legalising medical cannabis? A plant; found in nature; naturally!
The two most notable Cannabis medical products are called 'Epidiolex' and 'Sativex' or 'Nabiximol' which are produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. Epidiolex is used in the treatment of Epilepsy and Sativex is associated with the treatment of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Whilst we are happy to hear of anyone that benefits from such products we are 'pro-choice' when it comes to what an individual is willing to ingest, apply or inhale. Mainstream consumers will have no clue if none are provided on the choices they have when it comes to.
Whilst we know that the moves from the current Government raise more questions than answers we can agree that it has occurred via societal pressure. We sure hope here at Flora Fusion that this doesn't dwindle into a one-horse race which was rigged from the start.
In the meantime of course recreational use of Cannabis remains prohibited and will be for the foreseeable future, however, we certainly hope this move will dampen the stigmas surrounding Cannabis and pave the way for a legitimate recreational market and to someday reap the benefits of an overdue return of a sustainable resource industry: The Hemp Industry.
Whilst it may seem that we are sitting on the fence as to whether we are happy that the government has made this announcement nothing could be further from the truth. We are ecstatic to see a progressive move supporting our industry and will continue to participate and support our customers and fellow professionals globally for as long as we can.
Hang onto your hats for the next coming weeks and until then:
'Support your local CBD company'
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