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Our pet CBD oil is a natural product made with simple ingredients that you can feel confident giving to your beloved animals.

Organically grown and refined ingredients

  • Hemp oil first pressing (50%)

  • High-grade salmon oil (50%)

  • Full-spectrum with 200mg CBD

  How to use:

  • Store at room temperature

  • Shake well before every use

  • One drop per 5kg three times a day or;

  • As recommended by your veterinarian.

Start with a low dose, and only increase if you don’t see results. A full dropper of this product will dispense approximately 1ml (20 drops) of oil which provides 20mg of CBD. A good rule of thumb is 1 drop per 5 kilo of body weight three times a day.  

The most common delivery method to give your pet CBD is via CBD oil. If your pet is willing, you can place drops directly into their mouths under their tongue (called sublingually in industry terms). But if your pet is resistant to this method, the easiest method is to apply drops to their food. 

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