Hemp+ (30ml) - 1200mg of CBD


Hemp+ (30ml) – 1200mg of CBD

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30 ML Bottle of 1200mg CBD Infused Organic Hemp Oil that can be taken orally.

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Hemp+ (30ml) – 1200mg of CBD

Carrier oil: Certified organic, vegan-friendly hemp oil.

30ml CBD content: 1200mg guaranteed, equal to 4% of formula.

Packaging: Cylinder cardboard tube with outer print.

How to use

Sublingually (under the tongue) where it can pass directly into the bloodstream.


A full dropper (20 drops or 1ml) will dispense approximately 40mg of CBD.

Half a dropper (10 drops or 0.5ml) dispenses 20mg of CBD and 1 drop gives 2mg of CBD.

A good rule of thumb is to take 0.5mg for every 1kg of body weight. Begin by taking 10 drops (20mg of CBD) and adjust the dosage as required until the best dose is arrived at. Increase the initial low dosage incrementally by 5 drops at a time until that optimum dose is reached. We recommend people keep a detailed journal of their progress

Additional information

Weight.12 kg
Dimensions5.1 × 5.1 × 11.0 cm

5 reviews for Hemp+ (30ml) – 1200mg of CBD

  1. Sam Richardson

    This is an absolutely fantastic CBD Oil. Best CBD Oil I have ever tried. And it is manufactured here in the UK!

  2. mnugent2000 (verified owner)

    i accidentally left this review on the 400ml i meant it for the 1200mg/30ml.

    ive struggled with anxiety my whole life n started getting treatment in 2001 but it wasnt until sept 2017 i discovered cbd oil it has made a massive difference. this product tastes good and is stronger than the stuff i got elsewhere and it brought down by daily cost significantly and delivery is super fast. the staff in leven are ace. thanks guys.

  3. stevie spence

    I’ve been using their CBD oil since November 2017, and have found it a great help with both my cancer and in the past 4months with anxiety attacks. All the team at there office in Methil, Fife, are always on hand to help you in any way they can. 10 out 10

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