Robert ‘The Hammer’ Whiteford


Robert Whiteford (often known as Rab) has been one of Flora Fusions closest friends from the beginning. He is one of Scotland’s most successful mixed martial arts exponents and the first Scottish fighter in the UFC. He’s also the first sportsperson we’ve sponsored.

Rab’s career began in Alloa where he fought for the Hostile Territory team and mastered Judo and Muay Thai. He went on to win a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Judo Championships in the category of Under 73kg. He then joined the Dinky Ninja Fight Team in Glasgow. Rab started his professional fighting career in the UK in 2009. By 2013 his impressive record led to entering the UFC arena in 2013.

Rab has been a great help in spreading the word about CBD in Scotland and the UK.

Mousah Vs Whiteford | 19/05/2018

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This weekend, Rab will be fighting Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah (from England) at the ACB 87 in Nottingham. Mousah is himself a force to be reckoned and a fitting opponent for  Rab. Their fight is the main event for the night and is much anticipated within the European MMA and professional fighting community.

ACB brings fighters and fans from all across Europe, so this is a huge fight. This bout is particularly close to our hearts because it is Flora Fusion’s the first big promotional event as sponsors.

We have been helping Rab with his preparation by supplying him with some of our products. In return, he has happily included us in his list of official sponsors.

At the event, our logo will be visible on banners and posters as well as on Rab’s shorts and we’re thrilled to support him.

We are going to be getting right behind Rab on the night and watching every second. It nay be too late to buy a last-minute ticket but if not, ACB has a free channel for you to watch the full coverage. Find out more on their facebook page.

Check out Rab’s social media profiles here:

Instagram: @robert_whiteford

Facebook: Robert Whiteford

Twitter: @flyinjudoka

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