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Sara Chick

Why does Sara use and recommend Flora Fusion CBD Products ?

I am sara I live in East Sussex which is in the south of England . I started my own beauty business at 19 and continue to work while having my children. I live with my husband that is sadly unwell with a bad back and that is how I discovered CBD oils to help with his depression and pain , I also use the CBD oils on my dog that is currently unwell with arthritis. You can find out more about me in the links below but please visit the Flora Fusion shop to find out more about these life changing products. I am very aware of the importance of bodily health and well-being and enjoy addressing peoples needs to help improve their lives.  

sara chick
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" Flora Fusion CBD Products are among the best products I have ever used, especially as a top level professional therapist I would never recommend a product that did not work and these products work for me very well "

Sara has her own personal preferences for when it comes to recommendations. Please click the button below to go to the Flora Fusion Online Store.

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