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CBD Gummies

We are excited to introduce the newest product to our high-quality range - Flora Fusion CBD gummies, a delightful way to enhance your general health and wellbeing!

Bursting with mixed fruit flavours, these tasty treats have been carefully crafted to bring you the benefits of CBD without any hassle!

Each gummy is infused with the highest quality, broad spectrum CBD, ensuring a guilt free, pure and potent experience. 

What are CBD gummies? 

CBD gummies are edible gummy sweeties that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Gummies offer a discreet and easy way to ingest CBD, made using the highest quality CBD available on the market today, our gummies are an easy to dose, easy to take and undeniably delicious way to combine all of the benefits that CBD has to offer within the great taste of a gummy sweet! 


Do CBD gummies have THC? 

Authentic CBD gummies will never have THC in them. Third-party facilities perform lab testing on the products after they are finished. This guarantees zero THC content, purity, and strength. These Gummies can be purchased without a prescription, will not ever make you feel “high”, and will not make you fail a drug test. 

Are CBD gummies as good as CBD oil? 

Absolutely! They both offer widely accessible bioavailable administration techniques. When ingested as CBD gummies, cannabidiol ultimately reaches the digestive tract and is partially absorbed by the intestinal walls. Because of this predicted partial absorption, even low-mg dosages are effective.  

You can use CBD Oils orally by swallowing the substance or mixing it into other foods. Additionally, these oils can be used "sublingually." Before ingesting, the cannabidiol has a chance to be absorbed by the mouth's mucous membrane thanks to its under-tongue application. Cannabidiol may be able to cross the intestinal membrane in somewhat greater amounts thanks to the carrier oil carrying the CBD. The cells in the gut wall's attraction for fat is the cause of this. Because of their affinity, the oils can help CBD get through the membrane and into the bloodstream. 

In the end, both approaches are very effective. Both methods are practical, and the required dosages are nearly identical. The CBD gummies also happen to provide your daily intake of hemp nourishment and a little additional sweetness. 

 How many CBD gummies should I eat? 

Our gummies come with a recommended dose on the label. However, the number of gummies you take in a single session may vary depending on your own health and wellness goals. 

Your metabolism, body weight and even your diet will all determine how many you’ll need to feel the effects, but with 25mg per serving our CBD gummies are a super easy way to find the right dose for you. 

We always recommend starting with a lower dose and building your way up until you find the right dose for you. Don’t exceed the maximum daily dosage. For best results, take regularly.  

How long do CBD gummies take to work?  

Since CBD gummies are edibles, this means that they need to pass through the digestive system before taking effect. This indicates that a CBD gummy's benefits may take longer for the effect to take place, often between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Due to the delayed release, the effects of edibles frequently persist three to four hours after dose. Additionally, it means that the CBD's benefits are felt across the entire body, which helps to reduce tension everywhere. 

Flora Fusion CBD gummies 

25mg vegan-friendly CBD jellies are soft pectin, sugar-coated jelly sweets in mixed fruit flavours created to mask the raw taste of the broad-spectrum distillate, which is infused into the jelly for maximum bioavailability.

Did we forget to mention that our CBD gummies can be enjoyed by all?

100% vegan and gluten free!

Making them a perfect choice if you have specific dietary requirments.

Indulge yourself while taking care of your body and mind with our CBD gummies. Embrace the goodness of CBD in a delicious form and unlock the potential of enhanced health and wellbeing. Try them today and treat yourself to a flavour-packed journey towards balance and vitality

*not suitable for Cancer sufferers.

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